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By registering and using our service you confirm you accept this agreement.

User agreement

This user agreement (hereinafter - "Agreement") governs the relationship of using the Site caribbeanfancy.com (hereinafter - the "Site") registered on the site by a person (hereinafter - the "User"). User is the person that in a proper manner acceded to this Agreement, using services (hereinafter Service) provided by the Site. The fact of authentication (identification) / users registration on Site (unique user IDs input on the registration page and (or) on any login page) is full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. In case of User’s disagreement with the terms of this Agreement, the Administration does not provide a user the rights to use the Site Service, including the right to register on the Site. The use of the Site Service is offered only to persons over 18 years and it's forbidden to access, register and authenticate with the Site for persons who are under the age of maturity in their country/state and/or are under the age of 18 years.

1. User, accepting this Agreement:
1.1. Confirms that he has read and agreed to the terms of this Agreement.
1.2. Agrees to abide by an Agreement and all annexes and clarifications made by the Site Administration in the Agreement.
1.3. Is personally responsible for the content and materials published on the Site, for safety and confidentiality of data required for his / her authorization, as well as for unauthorized copying and use of content - the informationally meaningful graphics, text or audio-visual content of the Site (hereinafter - the Content) in case of User unlawful use of such Content.
1.4. Correctly complete the registration on the Site. In case of changing the contact details and other relevant information, make timely changes in the registration form.
1.5. Undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the applicable law of the country where the Site and User are located.
1.6. To observe the copyrights of the Company (CARIBBEAN Fancy) and other rights holders, not to copy or transfer to third parties any substantial part of the Site content. Do not use the Site for violating the copyright of third parties.
1.7. Undertakes not to mislead other users, and not to victimize them and not to molest them; not to come in contact with other Users in case of their actions, clearly indicating a reluctance to contact the User.
1.8. Agrees not to take any action that may be considered:
  • as violating the laws of the country where the Site and the User are located or rules of international law, including intellectual property rights sphere;
  • as violating the normal functioning of the resource and Web site, including:
    • unauthorized access to the server;
    • probing, scanning or testing the security of the resource;
    • TCP / IP falsification;
    • decoding, decompiling, disassembly, and any impact on the software resource;
    • blanking other users in the use of resources;
    • use of Systems for any kind of spam;
    • deliberate transmission of viruses and / or "hacking" the system or network;
    • any automated systems use accessing the site, including commercial applications for bulk files upload in replacement of the client software;
  • as violating the confidentiality of information provided by other Users;
1.9. Undertakes to be responsible for the safety of their login and password and has no right to transfer or disclose it to third parties. All actions performed on a Site using a login and password owned by the User, are considered as to be accomplished by the User.
1.10. Absolutely responsible to the third parties for their actions when using the Site and Service, including the fact that they comply with legal requirements and does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties. User agrees to settle all third parties claims related to the User actions when using the Service by himself and on his own expense.
1.11. Undertakes not to use the Site and Services for the fraudulent and illegal transactions, committing other criminal acts, including those aimed at the legalization of funds gained by illegal means or terrorism.
1.12. To observe that the published Content does not include:
  • materials that violate existing laws of the country where the Site and the User are located
  • materials that incite to commit unlawful acts,
  • materials, inciting social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity, that promote social, racial, national, religious or linguistic supremacy, as well as discrimination against people based on gender, age, ethnicity and other characteristics;
  • materials that contain calls to terrorist activity or justifying terrorism and other extremist material;
  • materials containing and / or promoting violence description, cruelty, inhuman treatment of animals;
  • materials that affect intellectual property rights of the third parties (including the right to any patent, trademark, copyright and related rights);
  • materials that affect human dignity, honour and good name, goodwill (including insulting, humbling, libellous materials);
  • materials that violate the law to protect the image of a citizen;
  • materials violating or creating a threat of violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties;
  • materials that the User does not have the rights to make available under any law or pursuant to any contractual arrangements (including the disclosing of personal, family, commercial and other secret, protected by law or contract);
  • materials that contain hidden inserts, as well as created using different techniques and ways, affecting the subconscious mind of people and (or) proving deleterious effect upon their health;
  • materials that contain information about the ways of development, manufacture and use, the purchase places of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, as well as promoting any particular advantages of using drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors;
  • advertising materials, "junk" mail, spam, "pyramid" schemes, chain letters that are not permitted in a special way;
  • an uncoordinated record transmission of advertising, commerce or propaganda;
  • materials containing viruses or other computer code, files or programs designed for interruption, destroying or limitation the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or programs, for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers for commercial software, user names, passwords and other resources to gain unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet;
  • links to resources with content that does not comply with current legislation in the country where the Site and User are located. Site Administration recommends to abstain placing materials, related with links or recommendations of the use of tobacco and alcohol products. Site User may not use other people's data to attempt to introduce with the celebrities, politicians or community leaders and cultural figures identity.
User is responsible for attempts to obtain unauthorized access to the Site database or to other related computer systems, attempts to circumvent or disable the security system that prevents copying or use of materials, use or copying of which are prohibited. User may not reformat or recreate any part of the Web pages that are part of the Site.
1.13. Accepts the Site operation "as is".

2. Site administration reserves the right to:
2.1. Modify Website at its discretion.
2.2. Provide free and paid services (Service) for Users.
2.3. Amend this Agreement unilaterally by the placement of such changes in the text of the Agreement on the Site.
2.4. Add, remove and change the cost and types of service, dates of validity.
2.5. Edit or delete material published by the User on the Site if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, are harmful to Site Administration or third parties.
2.6. Transfer the rights gained from a User under this Agreement to third parties in the purpose of the execution of this Agreement without the consent of User.
2.7. At discretion and without explanation, to take any actions that are not inconsistent with law, limiting or preventing User, who violate this Agreement, access of usage the Site.
2.8. Suspend User's access to the Site as a whole and to any part thereof without prior notice if the User is directly involved in actions that can reasonably be considered as violation of the agreement.
2.9. Close, and (or) limit the functionality of the Site at any time without any prior notice of User.
2.10. To track and store information about IP-address user access to the Site, use technical information files (cookies), placed on a user's local terminal, as well as information about the composition of the technical resources used to access the Site.
2.11. Provide information about fraudulent and illegal actions of the user to law enforcement authorities, as well as to victims of fraud at a short notice, if the fact of fraud is proven.
2.12. Provide the User with the Service access during 12 months period starting from the moment of User's registration.

3. Site Administration is not responsible:
3.1. For the content, accuracy and precision of materials placed at the Customer Site.
3.2. For the User’s violation of the copyright and other third parties rights by publishing materials that do not meet the current legislation of the country where the Site and User are located (including the copyright) posted on the Site or delivered to the Company in any other way.
3.3. For full or partial obligation default if such failure would be a consequence of force majeure ("Force Majeure"), including riots, restraining authorities' actions, natural disasters, fires, disasters and other force majeure, as well as: outages of power supply; global disruptions in the Internet segment; routing system failures; distributed systems domain name failure; failures caused by hacking and DoS-attacks, as well as other illegal actions of third parties.

4. Final Provisions
4.1. In all cases not provided in this Agreement, the Site Administration and the User follow current legislation of the country where the Site is located.
4.2. User / owner who feels that his rights and interests were violated by the actions of the Company or third parties in connection with using the Service provided by the Site, has the right to a claim by e-mail info@caribbeanfancy.com.
4.3. Agreement can be amended by the Site Administration without any notice.
4.4. In case of admission of regulations by authorities, affecting in whole or partly the operation of the Site, Site Administration reserves the right of performing any changes in the Site functionality, aimed at bringing the latter into conformity with the new regulations.