We are happy to greet you in our lifestyle club
the Caribbean Fancy!

All your dreams and wishes can come true on a paradise island with white-sand beaches and azure ocean, only with lifestyle club Caribbean Fancy.

It’s the only place on the island where you never will stay unsatisfied.

Caribbean Fancy is a lifestyle club with an exclusive concept for organized parties in the Caribbean. Our locations are in the best Caribbean Fancy village project for open minded people, real city of love!!!

We named our project Caribbean Fancy because it best reflects our essence!!! In the atmosphere of an eternal summer, fresh fruits, tanned bodies, exciting music, caressing water and gentle sunlight everything gets mixed! And this mix creates that amazing combination of taste and freshness, passion and love, the feeling of an open-minded life!

Caribbean Fancy is truly the place that will fill you with positive emotions and will bring you pleasure into your life during any time of the year!

With our help You will be able to:

Find something interesting for both you and your friends. It includes swingers parties, private parties for a limited number of participants, extreme parties for larger groups. You can also propose your own scenario and create your unique atmosphere!

Join us today!

Welcome to the Caribbean Fancy – the paradise of sensual communication!!!

Join us today!

Caribbean Fancy

Caribbean Fancy


getting in touch

Feel free to contact us at any time. If you have any questions about parties or website send us an e-mail.