Welcome to
Caribbean Fancy Village!

The village of liberty and love, with no prejudice, the one and only in the Caribbean region.

Caribbean Fancy Village embodies a dream-come-true destination for open-minded people. Located in the paradise on Earth, in the Dominican Republic, it is a place where you can live, rest and create.

For this purpose, the place is provided with all necessary facilities: bars and restaurants, shops, car-rental office, buildings with apartments and private villas, club with thematic parties, sport areas, and common recreational areas with beaches and swimming pools. As well as an art gallery and residency, sex museum, research centre, an incubator for SexTech projects and various educational initiatives.

The entire territory of the village is a free zone where everyone can stay undressed, and all the facilities can be visited by people without clothes.

Become the property owner in Caribbean Fancy Village!

• Purchase of the real estate with the full ownership rights

• Participation in the purchase of the apartments (time-share)

The time-share price of the yearly two-week stay will cost you only 9900 dollars at the construction stage for the studio apartment with the total area of 50 square meters.

You can also pay for it with bitcoins. The cost is determined according to the market price of the cryptocurrency on the day of purchase.


We are building a city of our dream, in which we plan to live ourselves and where we want to see people sharing the same values as we do.

In Caribbean Fancy Village we salute and embrace diversity as we believe it enriches our society. We welcome people of all genders and sexual preferences. Nationality, race, body shape and even one's level of education makes no matter as we respect your right for self-expression and realisation of your dreams. In return, we expect respect towards others as well as their boundaries.

We stand for freedom and its various forms of expression. There is no place for condemnation and intolerance in our city.

You can be part of any subculture (nudists, swingers, tantrics, burners, etc) or someone who represents a mixture of various practices too. The main point here is that you can simply be whoever you want. If you enjoy being around open-minded and free-spirited people - that’s great, because then our mindsets will definitely match with each other.

Our city is open to different forms of expression of physicality, erotica, sexuality when they occur with the explicit consent of all those that participate.

A secure and safe environment is a core prerequisite for the existence of our community and we take responsibility for ensuring that those that live with us respect the values and the rules of our city.

We are mindful towards the environment of our planet. To take care of ecology is an important part of our ideology. Therefore, we have developed simple rules, which should be followed by citizens of our city and its guests.

Pleasure and absolute freedom with no accountability bring harm, so we would like to introduce our residents and guests to important skills and rules that would make the interaction between each other comfortable and peaceful. We are very selective towards our residents straight from the beginning when one wants to invest in the property in our city. If you have got money but show no respect towards our ideology, values and other members of our community - the sale will be declined. Same applies to the guests of the city. We have developed a clear and flexible penalty system for breaking the rules, so there is no place for random or superfluous people.

Our city is not only a sex-positive resort but a community that will bring a cultural input to our city and the rest of the world. We are sure: our city is a unique place for scientific research, a creation of educational and social projects in the field of sexuality, physicality, awareness, communication, as well as a source of inspiration from SexTech entrepreneurs and artists. In our city we want to see people of all cultures from different parts of the world living and enjoying each others presence, learning from each other too. We are focused on creating all conditions that will allow us to make such life possible. We want people to create, to be involved in something they consider as important and also, simply enjoy their time. We want our city to become a cultural Mecca for everyone who shares our openness, that eventually will bring us all to a new degree of freedom.

If your heart responded answered "Yes!" to this manifesto - we are waiting for you in the city of dreams - CF Village!


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Buying the property is so easy!

It is enough to choose the apartment you like from the list, mark the preferred weeks with the signs below (available weeks are marked out in green, booked weeks – in yellow, and sold weeks in red), fill out the application form and choose the preferred method of payment. Then, depending on the chosen method of payment, follow the instructions in the newly opened window.

You get a unique chance to become the owner of the real-estate property in the Caribbean region, in the village of liberty, for only 9900 dollars.

• You become a fully-fledged real-estate investor in the Dominican Republic

• You have a full range of ownership rights over your part of property

• Yearly, you get the right to use the property in the Dominican Republic individually, during your holidays or visits.

• Your property will bring you income from rent when you do not occupy it.

• You get the full range of after-sales services, such as renting, cleaning, maintenance, and the rent collection.

• You also get legal assistance in everything related to the property.


1. What does “timeshare” mean?

Timeshare is a right of one of the owners of property owned by several people to use this property during the time assigned to the owner.

2. Can I buy the entire apartment and become its only owner to use it all year round?

Yes, you can. If you wish to make an intended purchase, contact the sales department via email: reservations@caribbeanfancy.com

3. What additional yearly costs are incurred with the purchase of the apartment?

Only payments for public utilities used during your stay, such as electricity and water.

4. Can I rent the timeshare in the apartment I bought?

Yes, of course. You can do it on your own or through our company.

5. Can I sell the timeshare in the apartment I bought?

Yes. You can do it any time on your own or through our company. Besides, 5 years after your act of purchase, we guarantee that we will buy your apartment back if you wish.

6. What investment interest does the purchase of apartments feature at the construction stage?

The price of two weeks at the construction stage is only USD$ 9900, while after the construction is finished, it will amount to USD$ 14900. If 5 years after the purchase you decide to sell your 2 weeks, your annual surplus will be 10% of initial amount.

7. Can I divide the weeks during the purchase?

Yes. If you buy 4 weeks, you can divide them in two different periods, for example, winter and summer. One period of two weeks is indivisible, but you can share it with your friends and stay at the apartment for one week.

8. If I cannot come for holidays during the weeks bought, what can be done?

There are several solutions to this issue. You can inform us about the cancellation of your trip beforehand, and we will rent your weeks. In this case, you will get 90% of the rent price.

You can sell/give your weeks to your friends. In this case, just let us know who will come instead of you.

You can apply for the change of dates and we will find some options for you. This service is free of charge.

If you want to completely change your weeks, you will have to pay 5% of the price of your apartment and we will find you a substitute for the newly chosen weeks.

8. Is timeshare hereditary?

Yes. The heir should contact the sales department within 30 weeks after the confirmation of the hereditary right, provide a copy of the will and the original certificate of timeshare owner, and then get a new certificate of owner.

9. Can we occupy the apartment with friends?

Yes. The weeks bought by you are your property, and you have a right to use them as you wish. The number of guests in your apartment is limited only by a quantity of beds and your own comfort.

10. Is it allowed to stay on the territory of the project without clothes?

Yes. The project guarantees you the absolute freedom. You can stay at any place of the territory, including the swimming pool, bar, and restaurant, without any clothes. The club can also be visited naked, except for thematic parties when the dress-code is required.

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