Dreams come true

How we've travelled the world and decided to create a city of our own

We’ve been travelling and living in different parts of the world for a while now. The places we’ve been to were cool and we’ve enjoyed a lot of them. At a certain point we’ve started to think and notice that those places have at least one similar thing in common - someone created them because they had a dream to make such place and that idea coincided with many like-minded individuals. That’s how our idea was born too: we have decided to build our own city and turn this idea into reality.

Our understanding of a dream city has been formed and influenced by things we’ve seen, grasped and enjoyed throughout all of our journeys. It’s not a surprise that many places where free, like-minded people gather together were built a long time ago and have absorbed certain zeitgeist and culture.
Our city represents a new vision and approach of such dream!

The progress can be seen everywhere you look nowadays: new design, new materials that are used in order to build things, new solutions when it comes to style and comfort aspects. We are young and so is our city!

While one of our trips when we’ve visited Dominican Republic. It didn’t take long for us to understand, that here it is: our heaven on the planet of earth! We didn’t want to leave this place ever again! That’s how we’ve found a location for our idea and dream. This island embodies freedom and is so, so far away from habitual, everyday rush. Even the air feels special here, it has a certain a tint of freedom.