City for progressive and free people

A little bit about our city and what we think is truly important

CARIBBEAN FANCY VILLAGE is a city for people with progressive and free mindset. It's a destination that offers adventures and comfort!

First and foremost, we are a resort city. That’s why we are building everything that is necessary for a pleasant holiday and relaxation: restaurants, cafes, shops, entertainment parks for kids and adults, clubs, night outs, gyms, and also spa and beauty salons and many more. Everything within a walking distance.

Our team has devoted a lot of attention to the well-thought planning of the city’s infrastructure. Not only we relied on figures, numbers and advanced technologies but we’ve also taken into consideration personal experience of living in different parts of the world. Space is laid out in a way that comfort, convenience and safety is something you would feel across the entire city.

Apart from various entertainments options, we also aim to give our citizens and guests an opportunity to work and create. We are planning to build an art residency, a museum of sexuality with the biggest library in the world available on this topic, an interdisciplinary research centre, an incubator for SexTech projects. Another thing that we’ve got in our plan is to attract the best teachers and coaches from all over the world that work and relate to sexuality, relationships, mindfulness so that the knowledge is shared within our community.

Environmental and ecological awareness is another important aspect of our city that is so vital in the modern world. The city will be built according to the most current requirements of the environment-friendly principles, starting from methods to obtain the energy, purify water and recycle. The comfort of our residents will not be affected in any way - recreation and entertainment territories are located in a way so that it is always convenient to move around and enjoy the space.

The vision of our project combines care for the environment, people and nature. All thanks to progressive views and modern knowledge. In addition to that, we are excited about the active participation of our future citizens in the process of creating and shaping the city, so we are always open to discuss any initiatives that are aimed at improving our daily life in the Caribbean Fancy Village. As we are part of it, we want all the best for our city.