Stages of growth

No city was built in overnight, right? Our story is similar as the construction of our city of dreams, love and freedom will take place in several stages and in the long run, as you might have guessed, will take a couple of years to accomplish. Nevertheless, by December this year, the first stage will be ready - and we are very excited to host our first residents. In the meantime, we’d like to familiarise you with the plan of our development, key objects and spaces that will appear in our sex-positive village:

1 Stage: 4.000 square meters. 20 apartments (50 square meters each), swimming pool, club/restaurant for a total capacity of 250 people.

The construction is happening at a breakneck speed. By December of 2018, we are planning to fully complete and decorate the apartments for our first happy owners-residents. The project is designed in such way that the construction of further stages will not interfere with the rest and comfort of our guests, neither of their eyes and ears too. Construction might be a bit noisy, right? We have this in mind, and the comfort is our top priority. By the winter of 2019, you will capture the first rudiments of our community - first parties and various entertainment events and activities. At this stage, you can either live in the newly bought apartments or rent the unsold for the time you prefer.

2 Stage: 20.000 square meters. Residential buildings, various commercial premises, as well as a shopping centre with a night/disco club, bars and restaurants.

Partial readiness by September of 2019, full - by September of 2020. At this stage, we will be finishing the houses with 1-2-3 room apartments and will fill the city with all the key facilities necessary for a top vacation.

3 Stage: 36.000 square meters - private villas. This stage will be evolving as the villas are being sold and if there are significant interest and requests for them to be build earlier (both standard or by individual project) - these will be re-scheduled and included into the construction site ahead of schedule.

4 Stage: About 20.000 square meters.

We will commence this stage right after the end of the second one, and we aim to finish it in two years, hence by 2022. Depending on our crazy ideas and demand, we are keen to bring the following to our city: a museum, research centre, an art gallery, etc.

5 Stage: 6.000 square meters. The construction of the hotel with approximately 100 to 150 rooms.

This will be built and finished by 2023 - 2024. Depending on the demand, we are flexible to start this stage earlier too, on a third or fourth phase. Until then, there will be an opportunity to rent the apartments from those residents that bought real estate in our city and that want to rent it out. The same applies to unsold apartments, that will also be available for rent.

The land of our project at the moment consists of almost 90,000 square meters, and with rapid growth, there’s a potential for further expansion for up to 300,000 square meters, considering that we can buy the adjacent land.