CFV: Raffle

A raffle that is dedicated to our upcoming Grand Opening Party celebration on 22nd of December. 101 prizes with the main super prize of 500’000€! Carry on reading to find out how to participate and win the prize.

We have to say that we like to surprise people day by day! That’s why we thought: why don’t we make a pleasant surprise and throw a big raffle dedicated to our Grand Opening Party and a celebration of the official launch of our city in December, the 22nd? We thought it would be great to have 101 winners, so we came up with the following:

The prize fund includes 100 prizes of 9000$ credit towards time-share in our city and one super prize of 500’000€ that will be awarded in cash, straight at the finale.

Interesting, right?

How do you participate? Here’s a step-by-step explanation.

Starting from 24th of May until the 1st of July, you’ll need to pay in 1000$ towards your time-share reservation and become one of the other 1000 people participating in the raffle. Future residents that want to be entirely sure that they will get the initially booked time-share can pay the remaining balance (9000$) until the 22nd of December and those willing to test their luck, may leave the payment for now and pay the remaining part using the prize money. On the 22nd of December, at our Grand Opening Party, we will raffle 100 prizes of $9000 credit towards a time-share (the prizes will be awarded immediately on the spot) and a super prize of 500’000€.

We highlight that the time-shares that we raffle in our lottery are not just stable two-weeks holidays in the Caribbeans, it’s more than that. It’s your lifetime right to use and visit the property in a definite, specified time. What does that mean? For just 1000$ you might win part of the property, including the land underneath, that will legitimately belong to you. Is the price for the lottery too high? No. And we know for sure, those that don’t take risks, don’t drink Champagne.

You can find more details on our project on our website as well as social media. In case you’ve got any questions, you can ask them too - via the email or, alternatively, social accounts.